| Giancarlo L. Casale

Giancarlo L. Casale


Associate Professor of History (Islamic World), 2009-2011 McKnight Land Grant Professor


University of Minnesota


Giancarlo Casale received his PhD in history and Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University in 2004, and is currently Associate Professor of the History of the Islamic World and 2009-2011 McKnight Land Grant Professor at the University of Minnesota, where he has taught since 2005. He is the author of a recent scholarly monograph, The Ottoman Age of Exploration (Oxford University Press, 2010), as well as numerous articles
and book chapters, and is also executive editor of the Journal of Early Modern History. His current areas of scholarly interest include the history of Ottoman expansion in the early modern Indian Ocean, the translation of Arabic and Persian "classics" into Ottoman Turkish, and the development of ethnographic modes of writing in Ottoman Turkish during the early modern period.

Selected Publications

and Carla Rahn Phillips, Lisa Norling. "Introduction to 'The Social History of the Sea' Special Issue." Journal of Early Modern History 14/1-2 (2010): 1-7.

The Ottoman Age of Exploration. Oxford University Press, 2010.

"Global Politics in the 1580s: One Canal, Twenty Thousand Cannibals, and an Ottoman Plot to Rule the World." Journal of World History 18 (2007): 267-296.

"The Ethnic Composition of Ottoman Ship Crews and the 'Rumi Challenge' to Portuguese Identity." Medieval Encounters 13 (2007): 122-144.

"The Ottoman 'Discovery' of the Indian Ocean in the 16th Century." Seascapes: Maritime Histories, Global Cultures, and Trans-Oceanic Exchanges (2007): 87-104. "

The Ottoman Administration of the Spice Trade in the Sixteenth-Century Red Sea and Persian Gulf." Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 49 49/2 (2006): 170-198.

"His Majesty's Servant Lutfi: The career of a previously unknown sixteenth-century Ottoman envoy to Sumatra based on an account of his travels from...." Turcica 37 (2005): 43-81.

"An Ottoman Intelligence Report from the Mid Sixteenth-Century Indian Ocean." Journal of Turkish Studies 31/1 (2007): 181-88.

"Ottoman 'Guerre de Course' and the Intercontinental Spice Trade." Itinerario 32/1 (2008): 59-79.


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