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I am principal at Widener Consulting LLC, where I help non-profits that have an educational mission reach their audiences. With my main client, the Virginia Association of Museums, I direct communications for their membership in the Virginia and DC museum community. Additionally, I develop curriculum for K-12 audiences that bridges experiential education (theatre performances, living history experiences, hands-on field studies) with the traditional classroom. I have worked with museums and arts organizations to help them meet teacher needs and develop appropriate programming for schoolchildren. I have also presented at workshops and professional conferences for teachers as well as museum educators.

I have been an educator for nearly 20 years, working at the local, state, and national levels. I’ve taught both gifted and learning disabled students from a variety of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds and have developed and conducted courses for parenting centers and universities. I hold a BA in Language and Literature from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and a MAT in Elementary Education from The Johns Hopkins University. I am currently working towards a graduate certificate in non-profit management at Virginia Commonwealth University.

I live in Glen Allen with my husband and three very spirited, very messy, little boys. I love being self-employed so that I can control my work schedule to fit my home life. When I’m not behind the computer, I’m stepping on Lego pieces, driving someone somewhere, applying a band-aid, or bleaching something. My family is finishing up building a cabin in the Blue Ridge and we are looking forward to spending a lot of time up there soon!


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