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Daniel Tutt


Unity Productions Foundation


Outreach Director


Daniel’s work for peace across religious and cultural lines has been featured in NPR, the Washington Post, Common Ground News Service, and the Associated Press, and he frequently delivers presentations at educational conferences and symposia.

He has a Master of Arts from American University in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs, an innovative interdisciplinary program combining philosophy, peace studies and human rights. His writing and research is diverse and multidisciplinary, often combining continental philosophy, social psychology, and political theory. Daniel has published academic papers and essays in journals of psychology and philosophy, as well as journals of international relations.

Before working with UPF, Daniel served a year of public service with the Points of Light Foundation under the faith-based initiative that helps to solve poverty issues by working with faith-based nonprofit organizations. He started interfaith work as the Co-Director of a dynamic start-up nonprofit initiative called the 9/11 Unity Walk. This annual grassroots interfaith peace walk in Washington, DC and New York has brought together thousands of people and major national and international faith leaders to promote pluralism and condemn violence in the name of religion.

He has also served on several advisory councils and boards for interfaith organizations such as the United Religions Initiative of Washington, DC, Americans for Informed Democracy, and the 9/11 Unity Walk.


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