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Treadway has served as Librarian of Virginia since July 1, 2007. She earned her bachelor of arts degree from Manhattanville College and a master’s degree and doctorate in history from the University of Virginia. She also has a master’s degree in information science from the University of Tennessee. She is the author of Women of Mark: A History of the Woman's Club of Richmond, Virginia, 1894–1994. She is editor (with Janet Coryell, Anastasia Sims, and Thomas Appleton) of Negotiating Boundaries of Southern Womanhood: Dealing With the Powers That Be and serves as a founding editor of the multivolume Dictionary of Virginia Biography.

Selected Publications

Women of Mark: A History of the Women's Club of Richmond, Virginia, 1894-1994

and Janet Coryell, Anastasia Sims, Thomas Appleton. Negotiating Boundaries of Southern Womanhood: Dealing with the Powers That Be

Founding editor, Dictionary of Virginia Biography


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